5 Effective Types Of Physiotherapy Treatments

5 Effective Types Of Physiotherapy Treatments


Physiotherapy is a type of physical therapy that focuses on body functions and movements to improve the well-being and health of people. It supports patients who have undergone surgery or injury to regain their physical potential and improve their recovery rate. Therapeutic exercise, manual therapy, teaching, and electrotherapy are some of the techniques of physiotherapy. 

If you want to reach some functional goals by treating your health condition, then you can book an appointment with the best physiotherapist in Siliguri. The physiotherapist will first diagnose your problems and then refer you to a preventive approach and treatment for a speedy recovery. 

Given below are some of the types of physiotherapy treatments that are based on the health condition of the patient. 

1. Geriatric Physiotherapy

Natural movements and other body conditions become difficult and restricted as we age. Geriatric Physiotherapy helps in recovering various health conditions among elderly people for a pain-free and comfortable life. 

Some of the diseases that can be controlled by this physical therapy are hip and joint replacement, Alzheimer’s disease, balance disorders, osteoporosis, and arthritis. Electrical stimulation, range-of-motion exercise, and aqua therapy are used to deal with skeletal, limb, or cardiovascular-related issues.

2. Cardiovascular Physiotherapy

Cardiovascular Physiotherapy includes a complete cardio rehab program to support people in improving their cardiovascular health. Patients who are suffering from various lung and heart injuries or diseases are also treated with this method. 

You can undergo this physiotherapy method if you have shortness of breath, emphysema, COPD, heart attack, hypertension, or other respiratory infections. The cardiovascular physiotherapy session may include breathing strategies, deep breathing exercises, mobility assistance, and circulation exercises. 

3. Neurological Physiotherapy

Neurophysiotherapy is recommended for those patients who are suffering from a physical impairment due to certain neurological disorders. Spinal cord injury, stroke, brain injury, Bell’s palsy, multiple sclerosis, and Parkinson’s disease are some of the diseases when neurological physiotherapy is used. 

This method helps the brain to develop new synaptic connections, which enables the brain to learn new abilities and tasks. You can consult a neuro-physiotherapist in Siliguri to receive the benefits of this treatment to become flexible. 

4. Orthopaedic Physiotherapy

The illness, injury, or surgery in the musculoskeletal system may also restrict you from performing daily activities due to restricted body systems. Orthopaedic physiotherapy aims to treat such conditions through various assistive devices, therapeutic modalities, and education. 

One can avail of this treatment if they have cancer, knee instability, lower back pain, frozen shoulder, muscular dystrophy, and scoliosis. You can also get an effective rehabilitation program if you have gone through cancer surgeries, a strain in the ankle, or a herniated disc in your back. 

5. Paediatric Physiotherapy

Paediatric Physiotherapy is a specialized treatment approach for infants, adolescents, and toddlers. This treatment aims to reduce the issues with body movements that can become a barrier in their growth period. The health conditions addressed by this method are limb disabilities, genetic conditions, trauma, and severe injuries. 

Different health conditions and situations need different physical therapies and this is why it is important to choose the best physiotherapist in Siliguri who can select an appropriate approach to treat your condition. The effectiveness and recovery rate entirely depends upon the exercises and techniques included in the physiotherapy sessions. 

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