7 Myths About Plastic Surgery Debunked

7 Myths About Plastic Surgery Debunked

Burns, birth defects, severe injuries, scars, and certain medical conditions such as cancers can impair your natural look. In such cases, the doctor may refer you to a plastic surgeon who can perform reconstructive or plastic surgery to repair and restore your natural-looking appearance. You can also undergo plastic surgery in Siliguri for various non-medical reasons such as improving the symmetry, shape, and size of your physical features. Plastic surgery can enhance your body image and restore functioning while improving your overall life quality. 

To determine the success rates of plastic surgery, it is important to select an experienced surgeon who has the expertise to handle your condition. Despite the increased popularity, various misconceptions exist related to this field of surgery. In the era of digitalization, we often tend to research the surgical procedure before undergoing it. However, if we see any false information about the surgery then it may demotivate us to undergo it. From its results and costs to recovery time and scope, you must be clear on all the information related to the surgery to make an informed decision. 

Debunking Some Of The Common Myths About Plastic Surgery

Myth 1: All plastic surgeons are the same. 
Fact: One of the most common myths about plastic surgery is that all plastic surgeons are the same and can conduct any type of surgery. This is totally untrue because most of the surgeons have a specific area of expertise. Herein, you must understand that some plastic surgeons can be specialized to perform head, face, and neck surgeries whereas others only perform surgeries for various parts of the body such as stomach and breasts.

Herein, some plastic surgeons are only experienced in performing breast augmentation. This is why you need to understand your condition and then book an appointment with a plastic surgeon in Siliguri who is specialized enough to perform the surgery. 

Myth 2: Plastic surgeries are only meant for women. 
Fact: The idea that plastic surgery is exclusively for women is among the longest-standing misconceptions about the surgery. The basic tenets of this myth are the beauty standards and the significance of women's looks in society. The spread of the myth that plastic surgery is only meant for women is also because of the fewer male clients visiting the surgeon for the surgery. 

However, the idea of plastic surgery has changed significantly, with both men and women now placing a high value on self-care, appearance, and personal grooming. Men can now undergo a variety of invasive and non-invasive plastic surgery procedures that can result in cosmetic changes. A few gender-neutral operations to shape your body and contour your physique are liposuction, rhinoplasty, and eyelid surgery.

Myth 3: Plastic surgery can give you an unnatural look. 
Fact: Another widespread misconception about plastic surgery, which most people have heard at least once, is that the procedure results in an unnatural appearance. It is completely false to say that surgery will leave you looking strange while changing your natural physical features. Herein, social media can be regarded as the origin of this widely disseminated fallacy, where various failed surgical instances have been used to discourage many individuals from having the procedure.

You should be aware that several modern and precise techniques of plastic surgery are now available that can provide extremely natural results. However, for natural-looking results, using the right procedures and undergoing the procedure at the appropriate time is also crucial. You should also never think about using this surgery to drastically improve your appearance because the results could be unnatural in such instances.

Myth 4: Plastic surgery is only used for cosmetic purposes. 
Fact: Many women across the globe think of plastic surgery as a cosmetic procedure. However, this is also a myth because plastic surgery is much more than just a beautification process. You should never overlook the role of this surgery for various reconstructive purposes required to restore the normal functioning of your body parts. 

If you ask someone about plastic surgery then the main things that will come to their mind are liposuction, facelifts, and nose jobs. Herein, you need to know about the available reconstructive interventions performed by surgeons that can improve the life quality of many people. 

Myth 5: The results of plastic surgery are permanent. 
Fact: One common misconception regarding plastic surgery is that its results are permanent. This is untrue, as several lifestyle choices and the ageing process itself can affect how well the operation goes. You must know that undergoing plastic surgery in Siliguri by an experienced surgeon might result in remarkable outcomes that might endure for a long time. 

However, it still cannot protect you from the unavoidable consequences of aging. Increased tobacco usage and sun exposure can also dramatically shorten the outcomes of surgery's longevity. You can guarantee long-term outcomes by having the surgery done at the appropriate time and ensuring lifetime maintenance measures. 

Myth 6: Plastic surgery doesn’t involve any risk. 
Fact: There are some individuals who may believe that plastic surgery has no risks by looking at some of the highly successful cases. However, like any surgical procedure, there are some hazards associated with it as well. To lower the risk of surgical risks and problems, extensive surgical experience and appropriate pre- and post-operative preparation are pivotal. 

Even if you can avoid the risks, it is still a good idea to be aware of the possible complications prior to having surgery. Smoking history, type of surgery, and health history are some of the common factors that can increase the likelihood of complications. Some of the potential risks connected to plastic surgery are side effects from anaesthesia, abnormal scarring, fluid accumulation, infection, blood loss, and nerve. 

Myth 7: Plastic surgery is highly expensive. 
Fact: One of the major delusions that a lot of people have is that plastic surgery is highly expensive. While you should never ignore the fact that the cost of the surgery depends upon the procedure that has been used. It is wrong to think of this surgery as a luxury method because anyone can access these cosmetic procedures to change their physical appearance.

Herein, you can reduce the stress of the high price of the surgeries by depending upon instalments and flexible payment plans offered by various hospitals. It is also a better idea to consult a surgeon first before believing plastic surgery is an expensive method.

Contacting a renowned doctor can help you resolve all your doubts about the procedure before undergoing plastic surgery in Siliguri. A clear idea about the surgical procedure you’re undergoing can transform your overall experience while enhancing the recovery and success rates of the procedure. 

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