Emergency & Critical Care

Critical Care or medical care & Trauma care may be a very special healthcare domain that deals with only the patients affected by imminent life-threatening illnesses and injuries. It often requires spontaneous diagnosis, invasive monitoring, and organ support, manage the crisis and ensure recovery.
Emergency & Critical Care

Prompt medical services just a call away

In Shanti Nursing Home the Emergency and important care department must remain functional 24X7, equipped with high-end machines and staffed with very skilled doctors and nurses. Moreover, the staff to patient ratio is far higher in ICU as compared to other domains. Typically, the staff-to-patient ratio is far higher during this unit as compared to others to make sure the survivability of the patients. The emergency medical team acts because the first-line care providers manage the crisis. Upon stabilizing the patient, they could fork over the patients to more specific experts to rule out the risks of any long-term complications.

  • Road Accidents
  • Heart Attack
  • Stroke
  • Multiple Organ Failure
  • Severe Allergy
  • Severe Burn
  • Stab, Blast or Ballistic Wounds
  • Severe Falls