10 Important Facts You Must Know About Neurosurgery

10 Important Facts You Must Know About Neurosurgery

Neurosurgery is an advanced field of medicine that is demanding and intricate in nature. If you experience any neurological problems then without any second doubt you can visit Shanti Nursing Home to contact the best neurosurgeon in Siliguri. 

The neurosurgeons usually undergo specialized training to perform complex neurosurgeries with delicacy and precision. You must know that before recommending neurosurgery, the doctor will perform a detailed neurological exam and review the medical history as well as the symptoms experienced by the patients. 
Here are Some of the Facts Associated with Neurosurgery 

1. Common types 
The neurosurgeons are experienced in handling various types of neurosurgeries. The doctor will first identify the structures or supporting tissues of the nervous system that have been affected and based on that a particular type of surgery is adopted.

Neurosurgeons are trained to perform brain, spine, and peripheral nerve surgeries which include tumour removal, aneurysm repair, vagus nerve stimulation, spinal fusion, and carpal tunnel release. You must consult a neurosurgeon first to know the best surgical options.

2. Specialties 
There are mainly two specialties of neurosurgery which include specialized and general. General neurosurgery involves surgical interventions to treat common disorders affecting your peripheral nervous system, brain, and spine. 

Additionally, the complex branches of nerve problems are included in specialized neurosurgery such as oncological, vascular, paediatric, and stereotactic neurosurgery. The neurosurgeon will diagnose your condition through various tests to detect the underlying conditions and select the best neurosurgery for your health needs. 

3. Conditions treated 
If you suffer from any conditions affecting your nervous system then it is highly important to visit the best neuro hospital in Siliguri immediately. You must know that not all neurological disorders need to be treated by surgery. There are various non-surgical interventions such as medications and effective therapies that can stabilize your condition. 

Multiple sclerosis, brain tumours, head and neck cancers, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, and medulloblastoma are some of the conditions that need to be treated through neurosurgery. 

4. Varied levels of invasiveness 
Another fact that you must know about neurosurgery is that not all surgeries are complex and serious. The level of invasiveness of neurosurgery varies on the complexity and severity of the health condition. 

Additionally, due to technological advancements, there are now various minimally invasive and endoscopic techniques of neurosurgery that require minimal incisions. As compared to traditional open surgeries, these less invasive procedures have faster recovery time and fewer hospital stays.

5. Recovery 
The recovery period after a neurosurgery depends upon the procedure that has been performed. If an open surgery has been performed then the healing time can be between 6 weeks to several months.

On the other hand, the recovery time is around 4-5 weeks for all less invasive neurosurgeries. You must know that the pain after the surgery can be unbearable and this is why doctors will advise you to take pain relievers while you’re staying in the hospital. 

6. Common risks associated with the surgery 
Neurosurgery is considered one of the safest and most effective methods to treat various conditions. However, just like other surgical interventions, it also includes certain risks that may vary depending on the procedure performed. 

Some of the probable risks associated with the surgery include death, infection, stroke, and bleeding. You must carefully consider the benefits as well as the risks of the surgery to make an informed decision.

7. It is not always a brain surgery 
Most people think that neurosurgery always involves brain surgery but this is not true. Neurosurgery may involve various procedures that can diagnose, prevent, or treat health issues affecting the nervous system. 

In most cases, brain surgery is recommended by the neurosurgeon in Siliguri due to the increased rates of brain problems. However, the doctor may also treat the spinal column and spinal cord extremities while diagnosing multiple conditions affecting nerves at any part of your body. 

8. Role of a neurosurgeon
The success of neurosurgery depends upon the experience and qualifications of the neurosurgeon. Neurosurgeons are highly experienced medical professionals who are certified to handle various intricate cases of the nervous system. 

In neurosurgical training, the doctors undergo specialized training to attain in-depth knowledge about imaging techniques, anatomy, biomechanics, and pathology of neurological issues. They have top-notch surgical skills to perform effective neurosurgery for a complete recovery.

9. Surgical instruments used
You must know that the success rates of neurosurgery also depend upon the usage of innovation and advanced surgical instruments. The touch of technological advancement is also included in the surgical tools which makes neurosurgery an advanced procedure with high success rates. 

It is pivotal for you to check whether the neurosurgeon is experienced in handling such surgical tools effectively. From suction tubes to chisels, the doctor must be able to use everything with precision to offer you a smooth surgical experience. 

10. Usage of advanced technology 
Before undergoing neurosurgery, you should understand that neurosurgeons always utilize advanced technology and equipment. This helps in ensuring the best possible care for the neurological conditions. 

Some of the advanced technologies that are used during neurosurgery are MRI, CT scans, and other high-tech imaging procedures for accurate results. Herein, the detailed view of the nervous system helps the doctor in curating an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan. 

New technologies and treatments are continuously emerging in the field of neurosurgery. While selecting the top neurosurgeon in Siliguri, you must check whether they use high-tech equipment and advanced treatment approaches to address the neuro issues. Herein, staying updated will help you get improved treatments for a better life quality. 

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