5 Common Reasons To Visit A Neurosurgeon

5 Common Reasons To Visit A Neurosurgeon


Neurosurgeons are doctors who prevent, diagnose and treat disorders that affect the brain, spine, and nerves. These doctors also deal with various kinds of problems that arise out of damage to the spine, brain, and central and peripheral nervous system. They help you keep your brain and your body healthy by providing specialized treatment for any disorders or problems you might have. 


If you have suffered any damage to the brain, spine, or nerves or have any problems or concerns you need to visit a good neurosurgeon in SiliguriAs they provide good diagnosis, treatment, and expert advice with specialized care to help you keep your body and mind healthy.  


You can visit a neurosurgeon for lots of problems and neurological disorders as they treat many things. Given below are the 5 common reasons to visit a neurosurgeon:


Headaches and seizures:


Unusual headaches that are reoccurring and start when standing or sitting and go away after you lie down and new headaches that suddenly come with nausea and vomiting need to be checked out by a neurosurgeon. As they provide diagnosis and treatment and as it can be symptoms of a neurological issue and catching it early can help. Other warning signs of a neurological disorder can be sudden facial pain, sudden seizures, and unexplained incontinence. 




Past head injuries or stroke and persistent symptom of problems from the past head or spine surgery is also the kind of things a neurosurgeon can treat. Numbness or tingling when it occurs suddenly and on the side of the body also needs to be checked out as it can be a sign of a stroke or other serious condition.


Weakness of Limbs or face 


In cases where you develop weakness in the arms or the legs or find changes in your facial appearance, it is best to consult a neurologist. As it can be a sign that you may have developed a chance of brain stroke or even paralysis. You need professional help immediately if the weakness of the limbs is rapidly increasing 


Forgetting Things 


If you start consistently forgetting things then you need to visit a neurosurgeon as memory loss can lead to huge problems. It is common to have a weak memory as you grow old but at a young age, it should not happen.


Disturbed Sleep 


Sleep is very important to the whole body and lack of it or disturbances in it can lead to bad conditions. Lack of sleep can heavily affect your lifestyle and also cause health problems in the body. 


If you have any of these conditions or have any problems you need to visit a good neurosurgeon in SiliguriPay a visit to a neurosurgeon to get good advice and treatments for any of your neurological issues. 

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