5 Different Causes Of Cancer-Let’s Find Out

5 Different Causes Of Cancer-Let’s Find Out


Cancer is a fatal disease that can occur when normal cells become cancerous and begins to multiply and spreads to the different parts of the body. Several factors lead to the development of this disease. But with early diagnosis and treatment, the disease can be prevented and helps patients to live a quality life.

Cancer is one of the most complicated diseases which can develop without showing any visible symptoms at its early stage. There might be cancers that show visible signs but spread rapidly at the same time. Consult your expert at the best cancer hospital in Siliguri if you experience any changes in your body, such as persistent pain, fatigue, and lump formation without pain.

This reading further provides information about the five different causes of cancer.

  • Diet

Consuming unhealthy food, such as refined carbohydrates, can lead to the development of cancer. According to various studies, eating red meat and processed meat develops several cancers, such as breast cancer and prostate cancer. Replacing these foods with vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and nutritious food can help reduce the risk of the disease.

  • Exposure To Certain Viruses

Viral infection is one of the major risks for the development of different cancers. If your body is infected and left untreated for a long time, it can develop into cancer due to the virus, which can transform the cell. Cancer caused by a viral infection called oncovirus results in hepatitis B, leukemia, cervical carcinoma, HIV AIDS, and more.

  • Genetic Conditions

Family cancer syndrome is a rare disorder where family members can hardly be affected by cancer due to genetic conditions. People who have a history of cancer in their family background might opt for genetic counseling at the best cancer hospital in Siliguri. This step can help your family plan for health care to live a healthy life in the future.

  • Environmental factors

Exposure to chemicals, pesticides, and fertilizers has a direct link to the development of cancer in children and adults. Cancer occurrence is also related to radiation exposure. The ionizing radiation strikes the chromosome, which gets broken thus, resulting in the formation of abnormal chromosomes.

  • Smoking

Tobacco smoking is related to different cancer forms including lung cancer. According to various studies, smoking can lead to the risk of developing myeloid leukemia. Various toxic elements can be found in cigarette smoke, which is associated with the disease of the respiratory tract.

Despite the risks mentioned above, many other factors lead to cancer development. However, getting a routine checkup from your expert and practicing a healthy lifestyle can prevent cancer from developing to a certain extent.

Cancer can develop at any age, from childhood to adulthood. This disease can be treated using various treatment methods, such as radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Your highly experienced professionals at the top medical hospital Siliguri can help detect the early signs of benign and malignant cancers. Get expert consultation and reduce the chance of the occurrence of cancer.

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