5 Reasons To See A Gynaecologist

5 Reasons To See A Gynaecologist


Gynaecological problems are conditions that affect the normal function of the female reproductive system. These problems can occur commonly as every woman experiences at least one or more types of gynaecological disorders once at some point in their life.


These gynaecological disorders sometimes can be mild and easy to treat but other times they also can be chronic which can cause huge problems. For these kinds of problems, it is recommended that you visit an expert gynaecologist in Siliguri as they can provide the best diagnosis, and treatments and help maintain the health of your reproductive system.


A gynaecologist is the type of doctor that specializes in managing problems and conditions that affect the female reproductive system. They help women maintain good reproductive health while also helping them keep their bodies healthy. Given below are 5 reasons to see a gynaecologist:


General Health 


A gynaecologist helps maintain the overall health of the body by keeping the reproductive system healthy by checking for disorders and diseases that can affect it. As diseases that affect the reproductive system can also cause major health issues causing problems with the normal function of the body.


Menstrual Problems 


Small menstrual irregularities that aren’t a constant problem can be common but having irregular menstrual cycles or other problems requires a checkup. Some of the common signs of having menstrual irregularities can be periods that last for more than 7 days, extremely high or light bleeding, missing a period, and others.


Breast Problems 


A gynaecologist also helps treat abnormalities or problems that can develop in the breast which can be connected to having abnormal menstrual issues. Some of the common abnormalities can include abnormal changes in the breast, breast discharges, breast discomfort during periods, lumps in the breast, and more. 


Abdominal Pain


It is important to visit a gynaecologist if you're experiencing lower abdominal pain or irritation and discomfort in the area above the pelvic region. You need to get a checkup if you have extremely painful menstrual cramps, lumps in the abdomen, abdominal pain during intercourse, or any other type of abdominal pain.


Bumps and Blisters 


If you feel bumps or blisters in any parts of your reproductive organs that can including the vagina or labia then it is important to get checked. As these problems can turn out to be genital warts which are small swellings caused by an STD.


To maintain the best health of the reproductive system it is recommended to visit an expert gynaecologist in Siliguri annually for checkups. As these checkups can help diagnose gynecological diseases and disorders early which can make treating the problem easy.


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