Do’s And Don’ts After An Orthopaedic Surgery

Do’s and Don’ts After an Orthopaedic Surgery


 Orthopaedic surgery is recommended for patients who are suffering from certain musculoskeletal issues. Any injuries or disorders related to your muscles, bones, soft tissues, joints, tendons, and cartilage can be diagnosed and treated with these surgeries. These surgeries can restore your body posture and flexibility while managing the issue of limited range of motion. 

It is essential to visit the best nursing home in Siliguri to avail of effective orthopaedic surgeries. The doctor responsible for the surgery will also brief you on the things you must do and things that need to be avoided to make the treatment successful. 

Given below is a detailed description of the do’s and don’ts that must be followed after an orthopaedic surgery. 


Rest Properly 

The first thing that you must maintain after the surgery is to rest properly. This will help you in speeding up the post-op recovery process. The pain severity can also be reduced with this measure. 

Engage in Mild Exercise 

The side effects and complications of the surgery can be managed with gentle exercise. This is why you must indulge in light stretching or short walks every day with the support of a physical therapist. 

Look for Infections 

Patients are at higher risk of developing infections after the surgery. Herein, you must always look for any inflammation or puss in the surgical areas so that you can inform the doctor. You must also take antibiotics to reduce the risk of infections. 

Take Medications 

You must also maintain proper medication adherence and take full course of the medications prescribed by the top orthopaedic doctor in Siliguri. This will help you in decreasing the risk of infection and antibiotic resistance. 

Eat a Healthy Diet 

You may lose your appetite after the surgery but is highly essential to eat properly and maintain hydration for effective recovery. To minimize the complications and promote healing you must follow a nutrition-dense diet. 


Lift Heavy Objects

It is always advised to avoid heavy objects after surgery. This is because the physical stress associated with the heavy lifting can increase the risks of reopening the surgical wound, which may cause severe complications. 

Skip Regular Appointments 

You should never skip the appointments scheduled after the orthopaedic surgery. These appointments are highly important for the removal of the surgical sutures and staples. It also helps in evaluating the wounded areas and your health condition. 

Drive Cars 

You must also avoid driving too soon after the surgery. The side effects of pain medications and anaesthesia are the main reasons behind this don’t. This is because anaesthesia can decrease your judgment and motor skills which can make driving risky. 


Smoking must always be avoided after surgery as it can decrease the functioning of the inflammatory cells. As a result, it can increase the healing time and make you prone towards certain infections.  

Indulge in Sport Activities 

It is recommended to avoid any type of sports activity for at least 3 days from the surgery. You must always consult the doctor first before going back to your normal sports routine. 

It is always advised to clear all your queries about the side effects and after-surgery procedures before undergoing orthopaedic surgery in Siliguri. In most cases, the doctor checks your healing process and improvements through X-ray or other imaging tests before advising you to return to a normal lifestyle. 


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