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Orthopaedic Surgery refers to the field of medical science that provides holistic and comprehensive medical solutions for musculoskeletal diseases and conditions like joints, bones, ligaments, tendons, muscles, and nerves. Most skeletal disorders are treatable these days with the help of the most advanced and high-end treatments.

Shanti Nursing Home offers some of the most advanced types of orthopaedic surgery in Siliguri. With a dedicated team of doctors and the best medical equipment, we have set the standard for the best orthopaedic care for the people of North Bengal. From minor bone injuries to compound and complex conditions, we offer some of the best solutions under one roof.

The Most Common Types Of Orthopaedic Surgeries

The department of orthopaedics offers a wide range of treatments that help people walk away from their pains and disorders. Let’s take a look at some of the most common types of orthopaedic surgeries we offer at Shanti Nursing Home to help our patients.

Orthopaedic Surgery Siliguri


Arthroscopy also known as keyhole surgery is a minimally invasive technique that helps doctors investigate, diagnose and treat issues like joint tissue damage. The procedure is done by an arthroscope to help visualize the damaged areas.

Bone Fractures Repairing

Orthopaedic Surgery is often used to correct broken bones with precision and dexterity to enable proper functionality. This procedure is used to correct the alignment of the bone by repositioning the bone fragments. Orthopaedic implants are also often used to secure damaged bones.


Arthroplasty is a type of orthopaedic surgery that facilitates joint replacement. As the provider of the best orthopaedic surgery in Siliguri, our expert team of doctors helps carry out arthroplasty with ease and dexterity.

Tissue Damage Repairing

Many people suffer serious injuries in their life which lead to damaged muscles, torn ligaments, and tendons. This kind of serious tears needs to get treated with expert surgeries.

Corrective Surgery

Corrective surgery is important to comb out physical deformities in the musculoskeletal structure. These kinds of surgery are necessary if such a deformity causes mobility issues. Corrective Surgery often has two types; Osteotomy which deals with the cutting and repositioning of bones and Fusion Surgery which grafts, welds, and fuses bones.

Best orthopedic surgery in Siliguri

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Shanti Nursing Home is a trusted healthcare provider offering unique and patient-centric approaches to providing top-notch orthopedic services. As the best hospital in Siliguri, we strive to provide affordable and reliable healthcare services under a team of expert doctors.