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ENT doctors or otolaryngologists are medical professionals who are responsible for the diagnosis, consultation, and treatment of disorders related to the neck, ear, and nose. In most cases, your general physician will refer you to an ENT specialist if he thinks that the complications are related nose, throat, or ear.

If you're suffering from any symptoms of ear, nose, or throat disorder, then you must contact an ENT doctor in Siliguri immediately. Without proper treatment, the underlying conditions can lead to permanent hearing loss and even cancer. Shanti nursing home is a multi-specialty hospital that is equipped with experienced ENT doctors and high-quality diagnostic tools for effective treatment.

Role Of An ENT Doctor

The ENT doctor provides treatment to patients who are suffering from ear, head, and neck disorders. The knowledge and experience of these doctors make them able to treat children as well as adults.

The treatments include adenoids, hearing, mouth, thyroid, throat, ear tubes, larynx, sinuses, cancers of the throat, head, and neck, and other ear surgeries. These doctors are also equipped to provide any form of cosmetic or reconstructive surgery on the neck or head. You can also receive treatments for sleep disorders from ENT doctors.

ENT Doctor In Siliguri

Signs To Visit An ENT Specialist

1. Ear Infections

Flu, cold, or allergies are some of the causes of ear infections which can lead to certain symptoms such as loss of balance, impaired hearing, headache, and fever.

2. Ringing In The Ears

In ringing in the ears or Tinnitus, you will experience sudden head or ear noise that may stay for five minutes or more.

3. Hearing Loss

If you feel that the voices around you are mumbling or too soft and you also often turn the volume of the TV or speakers then you must visit the best ENT hospital in Siliguri. These are the initial symptoms of hearing loss which can lead to permanent hearing impairment.

4. Sore Throat

Sore throat or tonsillitis cause severe distress in the throat with symptoms such as difficulty swallowing, swollen nostrils, tender lymph nodes, and swollen tonsils. If the condition is severe, then the doctor may recommend surgery to remove the tonsils.

5. Sleep Apnea

Breathing shallowly or stopping breathing while sleeping are some of the common symptoms of sleep apnea which can lead to choking or severe snoring. This sleeping problem can also be treated by an ENT doctor.

ENT Doctor In Siliguri

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Shanti Nursing is a well-known name in the field of ENT which ensures quality care and surgical assistance to patients. This nursing has the best ENT doctor in Siliguri who will resolve the problems regarding the ear, throat, and nose.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ans. Screening and observation can help in detecting hearing loss during early childhood. During the 1st year, you can check whether your child is responding to loud sounds or not, and in the 2nd year, observe whether the child is imitating his voice and enjoying games. If your child is 3 years old then try to observe that they are following your directions or not.

Ans. Bulkiness in the tonsil glands, poor muscle tone of the throat and tongue, and obstruction in the nasal airways are some of the causes of snoring. Sometimes sleep apnea can also lead to severe snoring.

Ans. Frequent and temporary blockage in the nasal airways can be caused due to various underlying health complications such as deviated nasal septum, mucus accumulation due to cold or flu, enlargement of the nasal turbinate and nasal polyps.

Ans. Yes, certain ENT surgeries can lead to some unexpected side effects on your voice, which may include cervical spine surgery, sinusitis, and thyroid surgery.

Ans. Some of the common ear problems include tinnitus, build-up of ear wax, hearing loss, and ear infections. Proper ear care and early diagnosis are essential to reduce the risks of permanent damage.