Paediatric Surgery in Siliguri giving childcare a new definition

The laughter of a child is the most beautiful sound that you can hear from a household. But things can take a difficult turn when your young ones are suffering from a severe condition. The entire atmosphere becomes tense and gloomy. No need to worry as paediatric surgery in Siliguri is at your aid and can help your child to recover from any distressing condition. Paediatric surgery in Siliguri is in its most advanced stage and can surely generate positive results for your child.

Treatments covered under paediatric surgeries

Paediatric Surgery in Siliguri

1. Appendectomy

It is a surgery that deals with the removal of an infected appendix from a child's body. It is mainly performed when the appendix ruptures.

2. Congenital birth defects

Congenital birth defects are defects that are developed in a child right from its birth or more appropriately from the uterus. Paediatric surgeons eliminate or correct those defects at the earliest so that the child does not have to bear any pain or suffering in the distant future.

3. Cancer

Cancer is the abnormal growth of tissues in a specific region of the body. This may include pivotal organs such as the heart, lungs, kidney, and brain to name a few. A paediatric surgeon is in charge of eliminating all the cancerous cells from a child’s body either through surgery or other medical procedures.

4. Gall-Bladder Surgery

Gall-bladder is a crucial organ in the human body that stores a very important enzyme known as bile. Bile helps in the breakdown of the food so that proper digestion can take place. However, the gall-bladder can be infected through some virus or other factors. The risk factors increase in children as they are in their growing years. Therefore the infection is eliminated through surgical method at their earliest.

5. Hernia Surgery

It is the most common surgery that is done by paediatric surgeons on a frequent basis. This operation is mainly done to prevent the intestines from falling through the opening.

Best paediatric surgery in Siliguri

Best paediatric surgery in Siliguri

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