The Best Cancer Treatment
In Siliguri

Cancer, the word itself is enough to create an anxious feeling in everyone’s mind. Cancer is the uncontrollable abnormal cell growth starting from any particular part of the body, which eventually spreads to the other parts. Though cancer is very much unpredictable, some carcinogenic agents can activate the oncogenes (genes responsible for cancer).

Sometimes the orderly process of normal cell division breaks down, and abnormal or damaged cells start dividing. These cells may form tumors, which can eventually turn into severe cancer. This life-threatening disease must be treated with the best efficiency. Our Shanti Nursing Home is enhancing its name in cancer treatment in Siliguri.

Why Choose Shanti Nursing Home For Cancer Treatment?

When it’s about Cancer, we must rely on the best treatment. At Shanti Nursing Home, we provide our best to fight against cancer.

Cancer Treatment Hospital
  •  Proper Full Body Check-Up Proper Full Body Check-Up
  • Fast Diagnosis Fast Diagnosis
  • Advanced Medical Infrastructure Advanced Medical Infrastructure
  • Well-Equipped ICU Well-Equipped ICU
  • Proficient Chemo Therapies Proficient Chemo Therapies
  • Experienced Doctors Experienced Doctors
  • Expert Medical Team Expert Medical Team
  • Latest Medical Technology Latest Medical Technology

We Serve Expertise and Advanced Infrastructure

We are dedicated to serving the best treatments to our patients to provide them with the best possible comfort. With a team of medical experts and cancer specialist doctors, advanced technology, modern infrastructure, and the utmost care we are excelling in cancer treatment in Siliguri.

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We serve our expertise in:
  •  Surgery Surgery
  • Chemotherapy Chemotherapy
  • Radiation Therapy Radiation Therapy
  • Immunotherapy Immunotherapy
  • Hormone Therapy Hormone Therapy
  • Targeted Drug Therapy Targeted Drug Therapy
  • Radiofrequency Ablation Radiofrequency Ablation
  • Clinical Trials Clinical Trials
  • Proper Care For ChildrenProper Care For Children
  • Clinical Trials Psychiatric Counselling

The first goal in cancer treatment is to remove the disease completely from the body. But the level of cure is dependent on the specific situation, type, and stage of cancer. Though for specific reasons, the major number of cases cannot be cured fully, we can shrink cancer or slow the growth of cancer to allow patients to live a symptom-free life for as long as possible.

Trust in our efficiency, and avail the best cancer treatment in Siliguri.