How Is Cancer Treated At Hospitals?

How Is Cancer Treated At Hospitals?


Cancer is the term used for the type of disease where cells divide abnormally and uncontrollably and can invade and destroy nearby tissue. It is the second leading cause of death in the world and it can spread throughout the body.


If you're diagnosed with cancer or have any symptoms related to cancer then you need to visit a hospital that provides good cancer treatment in Siliguri to get good treatment. They not only provide the best diagnosis and treatment but also advice on how to prevent cancer.


Cancer is treated using a variety of different procedures including surgery, radiation, medications, and some other therapies. These procedures can be used to cure, shrink or stop the progression of cancer and depending on your situation you may be given one or a combination of treatments.


As there are many treatments for cancer your treatment options depend on several factors such as the type and stage of cancer, health, and what the doctor recommends after tests. Some of the options for cancer treatment include:


  • Chemotherapy – where drugs are used to kill cancer cells and it can also be used to kill hidden cancer cells after other treatments.


  • Surgery – is used to remove cancer completely or as much of it as possible


  • Radiation therapy – high-powered energy beams are used to target your body and kill cancer cells. This treatment can be performed using a machine or it can be placed inside the body.


  • Immunotherapy – also known as biological therapy where the body's immune system is used to fight and kill cancer. As the body doesn't normally recognize cancer as a threat this therapy can make the immune system see it and attack it.  


  • Hormone therapy – is the therapy where some hormones are removed from the body to stop the cancer cells from growing as sometimes cancer can be fuelled by the body's hormones.


  • Drug therapy – or targeted drug therapy focuses on the abnormalities within cancer that let them survive and treat it.  


  • Cryoablation – is the treatment where cancer cells are killed with a cold using a thin needle that is inserted in the skin directly in the cancerous tumor. The tissue is frozen with the help of gas and thawed and this process is repeated several times to kill the cancer cells.


These are some of the treatments you may find in a hospital that provides good cancer treatment in SiliguriIf you use a good hospital with specialists that help, advise and provide the best treatments can increase your chances of being cancer free.  

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