Improve Patient Safety in Hospitals

Patients Safety Guidelines in Hospital


The advancement in the medical field is a continuing practice, in which patient safety is one of the vital and basic requirements that have to be added to the list. From health care staff to the hospital management team everyone is responsible for taking safety measures for their patients. Only a disciplined ambiance within the hospital can prevent adverse events or errors to take place. To ensure quality health services, hospital administration should follow proper safety guideline that is central to the healthcare system. Contact Shanti Nursing Home, the leading hospital in Siliguri, North Bengal, for receiving the standard patient care services.


Patients Safety Guidelines in Hospital

We have fabricated the top 5 guidelines every hospital administration must follow-

  • Hospital Designs that ensure safety
    • Planning a design for hospital infrastructure is linked to patient security. It involves air quality, noise resistance, proper unity setup, etc.
    • Easy evacuation system assists emergency services, each room, unity layout should be structured in a way that establishes patients safety.
    • The signs for safety measurements must be easy to follow, it helps good approachability for both patients and visitors.
    • Doctor rooms, nurse rooms, medical labs, and other hospital resources should be uncomplicated that one can access there easily.
  • Instruct patients about the secure usage of blood thinners
    • For patients who have received surgical assistance, doctors will prescribe them blood thinners to prevent blood clots.
    • Patients should be given proper instruction to prevent the wrong usage of the blood thinners which may cause blood loss.
    • Thus ensuring the right education about the utilization of these medications is essential.
  • Improve the process to avoid bloodstream infection
    • Especially bloodstream infection is a hazard of the hospital environment.
    • Below are the preventive steps to follow during catheter removal to ensue bloodstream infections-
      1. Washing hands
      2. Maintain full-barrier precaution
      3. Use chlorhexidine to clean the skin
    • Guidance for hospital discharge
      • To dodge the re-admission process, the hospital management team should guide their patients regarding proper medication usage, diet chart, routine check-ups, lifestyle improvements.
      • The instructions for the hospital discharge process have to be clear enough for their patients, helping them understand where to call, what to follow to get prompt services.
    • Appoint a patient safety organization
      • Patients' safety organization is the expert team who are skilled at arranging the safety measures inside and outside the hospital region.
      • The right guidance from expert consultants helps in managing the regular waste including the bio-wastages.

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