Symptoms And Treatments Of Endometriosis

Symptoms And Treatments Of Endometriosis


Endometriosis is a common and painful gynecological disorder that causes the tissues that normally line the inside of the uterus to grow outside of it. It can commonly occur in a woman's ovaries, fallopian tubes, and the tissues that line the pelvis and it can cause painful and heavy periods as well as fertility issues. 


Gynecological disorders are the type of conditions that affect the normal function of a woman's reproductive system causing major health problems in the body. For any kind of gynecological problem, you need to visit the best gynaecologist in Siliguri for the best diagnosis and treatments for various conditions. 


During endometriosis, the endometrium-like tissue thickens, breaks, and bleeds with each passing menstrual cycle but the blood gets trapped as it has no way to exit that body. This causes the surrounding areas to be inflamed or swollen causing scar tissues, cysts, nodules, adhesions, and lesions.  


The primary symptom of Endometriosis is pelvic pain and other symptoms of this disorder can depend on the type and the severity of the problem. Some of the common signs and symptoms of Endometriosis are as follows: 


  • Excessive Bleeding – as it can cause occasionally heavy menstrual periods or bleeding between periods.  
  • Painful Periods – these can cause dysmenorrhea or intense pain that can last several days into a menstrual period. 
  • Infertility – in some cases endometriosis can also cause infertility 
  • Pain During Intercourse - experiencing pain during or after intercourse is common with endometriosis. 
  • Pain During Urination and Bowel Movements – is also a commonly occurring symptom during a menstrual period caused by Endometriosis 
  • Other Symptoms – can include fatigue, diarrhea, constipation, bloating, or nausea


Treatments of Endometriosis provided by a gynaecologist hospital in Siliguri usually involve medication or surgery depending upon diagnosis and signs and symptoms. Medications including pain relievers and hormone therapy can help slow tissue growth and prevent new growth of the endometrial tissue by lowering the amount of estrogen in the body. 

Endometriosis is a serious problem as in some cases symptoms can return even after treatments after a few years. Surgical options for endometriosis include two types of treatments which are as follows: 


  • Laparoscopy – is where the doctors take out as much of the affected tissue as possible with surgery. 


  • Hysterectomy – is recommended in severe cases and is the process of surgically removing the uterus, cervix, and ovaries. 


You can get the finest facilities and expert medical care for Endometriosis with the best gynaecologist in Siliguri. As gynaecologists provide quality diagnoses and treatments against a wide range of gynaecological problems and help maintain a healthy reproductive system. 


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