The Myths That Surround Determining The Sex Of Your Unborn Child

The Myths That Surround Determining The Sex Of Your Unborn Child


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When it comes to pregnancy one of the most commonly discussed topics is the sex of the baby. A lot of times, the final scans and ultrasounds can determine the sex but medical professionals either refrain from disclosing it or parents wait for their baby to be born. Some people have different perceptions when it comes to judging the new-borns sex beforehand. Gynecologists in Siliguri have come across various parents who rely on myths and beliefs for guessing the age of their new-born.

Such practices can have negative implications on the mother and the parents. Due to such myths, there are times when the mother has to go through social and psychological pressure. If the parents have decided to wait till delivery, it is best to respect such decisions and not to come to conclusion based on beliefs like this.

Popular myths

The popular myths that surround the sex of your unborn child include:

  • Carrying high or low- it is believed that if you are carrying your baby high it is a girl and if it’s low it is a boy.
  • The shape of the bump- the shape of the bump is said to decide the gender of your baby. If your bump is straight out you will have a boy and a more rounded bump means a girl.
  • Wedding ring- if you put the pregnant mother’s wedding ring on a string and it rotates in a circular motion it is a girl and if it swings back and forth like a pendulum it’s a boy.
  • Morning sickness-if you have not suffered from morning sickness then it is a boy. If you suffered morning sickness during pregnancy then it is a girl.
  • Cravings- what you crave during pregnancy can tell you about your baby’s sex. If you crave salty foods then it is more likely that you are carrying a boy and if you crave sweet things and fruits then you might be having a girl.
  • The way you walk-it is said that if you keep your right foot first then it is a boy and if the left foot is used for your first step forward it’s a girl.
  • The way you sleep-which side you prefer to lie down during pregnancy can tell your baby's gender. If you sleep on your right side it is a girl and if it is on the left side it is a boy.
  • Even or odd? - If your age and year of pregnancy are either even or odd you will have a baby girl and if it is one even and one odd it is a boy.


Gynecologists in Siliguri always tell their patients to not indulge in such myths. It is completely your decision to go with such ideas or not but none of this is scientifically proven. Scans can always tell the gender of your baby but it is best to keep it a surprise.


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