Common Types Of Cancers In Females

Common Types Of Cancers In Females


The female reproductive system is built in a quite complicated way and in the present fast-paced lifestyle and changes in food habits and way of living, a vast majority of females are suffering from some kind of issue related to their reproductive system which may include endometriosis, painful menstrual cycles, painful sexual intercourse, complications with the onset of menopause and other issues.


Cancers in females are also emerging as one of the most common causes of death in India. The most trusted hospital in Siliguri is here to provide you and your family members with the support that you need during this trying time.


A cancer diagnosis can be heartbreaking for many. To this day, many find no hope after their near ones have been diagnosed with cancer. However, this is not quite true as there are many examples of people battling cancer for years and recovering successfully after availing of the proper treatment procedures.


Breast cancer is a situation when there is the formation of a hard lump within the breast. This is indicative of the formation of a malignant tumor which is life-threatening for the concerned person. It is to be noted that apart from a vast majority comprising women, certain sections of men may also suffer from breast cancer.


The tumor may be small or large in size which is observed by locating the hard lump in the breast area. This tumor may grow slowly or rapidly, depending on which the entire treatment procedure is decided upon by the doctors.


A multidisciplinary team is usually appointed for the proper and effective treatment of breast cancer. This team comprises doctors belonging to multiple segments, such as surgery, oncology, pathology, and radiation, nurses, assistant nurses, and pharmacists. Counseling is also done if needed by the patient. 


For a tumor of a relatively smaller size, surgery is the preferred mode of treatment by doctors. When the tumor has grown to a larger size, it is treated by various modes of therapy such as chemotherapy, immunotherapy, and radiation therapy. In the case of a mastectomy, the tumor is found to have already shrunken in size prior to the operation.

Ovarian and uterine cancer in women is typically characterized by abnormal vaginal bleeding, spotting, or even discharge, especially after the menopausal period. Pelvic pain and painful sexual intercourse are also observed. A pap smear test will confirm whether there is the presence of cancerous cells in the woman’s body.


A multidisciplinary team of gynecologists in Siliguri, nurses, and other medical staff in Siliguri play a crucial role in this case as well. Common treatment methods include surgery, immunotherapy, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, hormone therapy, and targeted therapy.


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