Get The Best Orthopaedic Surgery To Resolve Tennis Elbow

Get The Best Orthopaedic Surgery To Resolve Tennis Elbow


Suffering from orthopaedic issues can be worrisome, especially, if you are undergoing the issue at an early age. It is essential to seek treatment as early as possible to address the situation so that you do not suffer excessive discomfort or pain.

Although by not making an appointment with a doctor at the right time, your situation can deteriorate pretty quickly and you can be in need to undergo orthopaedic surgery in Siliguri. Early detection is key and thus you should not delay your appointment with a doctor to kick-start your treatment procedure.

The medical department of orthopaedics deals with plenty of issues related to various body parts. From joints, tendons to bones and muscles – the orthopaedics department makes sure you are not experiencing any bit of difficulty in getting your daily life functionalities done.

Without seeking proper treatment, you can face massive repercussions in getting your regular tasks done. As it primarily involves muscle and joints, it needs immediate addressing. One such issue under the department of orthopaedics is tennis elbow.

Tennis elbow is a condition in which the patient experiences excessive pain and discomfort in their elbow due to overloading of tendons of the place. It primarily occurs due to over usage and motion of arms and wrists.

The condition is mostly seen among athletes. Although it not only remains involved with them. People with work related to the excessive work mechanics related to the aforementioned o=body parts are vulnerable to suffering from a tennis elbow like plumbers, butchers, painters and carpenters.

The pain while suffering from this disease does not only stay in the elbow region but also spreads over the forearm and wrist. Thus it is essential to look after the condition as soon as possible to handle the situation. An experienced doctor assesses your situation and based on the severity, proceeds with the treatment.


  • Pain in the Bony Knob
  • Discomfort while Gripping an Object
  • Holding a Cup
  • Turning a Door Knob
  • Swelling

As you can see, while suffering from tennis elbow also known as lateral epicondylitis, people can face massive difficulties in doing regular life work done. Without medical attention, the situation can deteriorate pretty quickly.


Tennis elbow is a muscle strained condition. Excessive repetitive motion and stress to the muscle and tissue lead to this condition. Tennis athletes are prone to this condition, as the name suggests. Additionally, a few of the other reasons can trigger this situation as well. They are –

  • Computer Usage
  • Painting
  • Excessive Plumbing Use
  • Weight Lifting

Aside from these issues, tennis elbow can take place due to several other conditions as well. The wisest thing to do while undergoing initial symptoms is to take a consultation from an experienced doctor in a hospital in Siliguri.

Under accurate treatment from an expert with an advanced treatment mechanism, you will get recovered in no time. Thus if you are suffering from this condition or any other muscle issues, taking consultation as early as possible is crucial.

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