Visit Your Most Trusted Hospital To Relieve Vaginitis

Visit Your Most Trusted Hospital To Relieve Vaginitis


Aside from issues related to the menstrual period, vaginal infection is another common syndrome from which women suffer. It is necessary to seek treatment as early as possible to prevent the situation from deteriorating.

Sufficient precautionary measures need to be taken in order to control the situation and for that, taking consultation with a leading doctor at the most trusted hospital in Siliguri is necessary. Here, you will get to experience the most advanced mechanisms in place so that you can get recovered in the shortest timeframe.

Additionally, under the supervision of highly qualified doctors, your recovery process will be smooth and hassle-free. With a flawless journey towards recovery, you would not experience much discomfort and get recovered with wholehearted treatment in place.

Vaginal infections can have some painful and severe consequences. It is advisable to address the situation as early as possible so that the person can recover from it quickly. Without availing the route, the situation will only become more chaotic and lead to further complexities.

Types and Symptoms of Vaginitis                    

Vaginal infections can cause for different reasons, and each type can be a bit different from the other. Let us look into some of the types and the complications that get arise with the same in women’s bodies –

Bacterial Vaginosis

The condition occurs due to an overgrowth of bacteria. These bacteria are generally present in the vagina. People with bacteria vaginosis may not always experience symptoms, but those who experience can expect –

  • Fishy Odor from Vagina
  • Grey or White Discharge
  • Itchy Feeling
  • Burning Sensation while Urinating

Yeast Infections

It is the condition that causes due to fungus, named candida. Some of the most commonly suffered symptoms are mentioned below –

  • Sticky, White Discharge
  • Itchy and Burning Feeling around the Vagina
  • Swelling


It is an occurrence that can occur from intercourse. Along with Chlamydia, these are sexually transmitted disease (STIs).

Although not everyone faces symptoms while suffering from these, those who do can expect conditions like –

  • Pain around the Labia
  • White or Green discharge
  • Pelvic Pain
  • Burning Sensation while Urination

Viral Infections

Viral infections can cause by sexual transmission or by coming in close contact with an affected person. Herpes, Warts are some examples of the same. Let us see a few of the symptoms of the same here –

  • Ulcers on the Genital
  • Pain or Burning Feeling while Urinating
  • Swelling of the Vulva
  • Warts around the Vagina and Anus
  • Itching

With timely intervention from a leading doctor at the right time, you will get completely recovered in no time. It is important to seek treatment from an experienced gynaecologist in Siliguri so that you can receive wholehearted treatment to have a fulfilling and satisfying treatment experience.

Additionally, by kickstarting your treatment procedure nice and early, you remain at a better and safer place throughout the treatment process. With early recovery, you can retrieve your regular life functionalities effortlessly.

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